Volunteer Details

Why Volunteer

When you choose True Friends, you choose to enhance the lives of others. You choose to build a future where individuals of all abilities are welcomed, celebrated, and safe to be them. 

Volunteering with True Friends helps you support us in creating a world where everyone belongs. You can pick opportunities to volunteer with your family or group, or pick opportunities that fit your interest such as working directly with our participants and staff or assisting in specialized projects. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Opportunities

Youth program volunteers learn leadership through guided program involvement and enhance interpersonal skills while working with individuals of all abilities. Youth program volunteers can volunteer with camp.


Leader in Training | Cabin Assistant 

Leader in Training

Ages 14-15

Location: Camp Friendship
Program: Camp

Leader in Training

Entry level program for youth with limited or no experience working with individuals with disabilities. Leaders in training will spend one part of their day with their cabin. The second half of their day will be spent team building and developing leadership skills.

Cabin Assistant

Ages 16+

Location: Camp Friendship
Program: Camp

Cabin Assistant

Prior experience working with individuals with disabilities is required. Cabin assistants spend the day with their cabin, engaging in an intentional experiential learning program.

Adult Opportunities

Adult program volunteers engage participants during activities and connecting through conversation. Adult program volunteers can volunteer with camp.


Cabin Assistant 

Cabin Assistant

Ages 18+

Locations: Camp Courage, Camp Friendship
Program: Camp

Cabin Assistant

Cabin assistants spend the day with their cabin, supporting and engaging participants during camp activities.

Group/Family Opportunities

Group volunteer projects are available on a case-by-case basis for established groups wishing to engage in an experience-based service learning or team building opportunity. 


Facilities Groups

Facilities Groups

Ages 14+ accompanied by an adult or 18+

Locations: Camp Courage, Camp Friendship,
Camp Eden Wood, Camp Courage North

Facilities Groups

Volunteers engage in a variety of tasks ranging from painting, building flower beds,
grounds maintenance, and more, depending on the season.


Volunteering at True Friends presents individuals with an opportunity to change lives; including yours. 

The perks of volunteering include: 

Skill-building. Hone your maintenance and landscaping skills by working with our maintenance team. 

Service hours. Complete your volunteer service hours for school or church. 

Networking. Looking to meet others who have similar interests as you? Volunteering connects you with others who enjoy supporting individuals with disabilities. 

Helping Others. Who doesn’t feel great after volunteering for a mission-based organization?

How to Apply


Apply Online

Whether you are a new or returning volunteer, start by completing the online application. 


Application Received

Once you submit your application, you will receive an email confirming we
have received it. 


Application Review

Each application will be reviewed by staff.  We review the application to ensure your interests and goals are a match to
True Friends. 



Once your application has been reviewed and approved you will receive a phone call or email about your application and potential opportunity at True Friends. 


Ready to
Change Lives?

We are excited to welcome you to be a volunteer at True Friends! Our volunteers are essential in brining our mission to life. 

Things to Know

Your Language

Respect of participants is our number one priority. Remember to use person first language by using the person’s name over their disability. For example, “John has autism” rather than “John’s autistic".

Making Connections

Our participants have hobbies, families, jobs, and school outside of our programs. Start with something that you can relate to and let the conversation flow. Get to know the individuals you work with.

Trained Staff

Our volunteers are never left alone with a participant, do not perform personal cares, and are not responsible for behavior management. It’s okay to ask staff for guidance and support.

Contact us to learn
more about volunteering

We can help you find the best volunteer opportunity for you. Just reach out.