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True Friends is a nonprofit agency providing life-changing experiences that enhance independence and self-esteem for children and adults with disabilities. Building upon our foundation, we are committed to serving individuals with physical, developmental, and intellectual disabilities, as well as individuals with medical conditions.

We are dedicated to providing extraordinary experiences through comprehensive programming and services like our wheelchair accessible high ropes challenge course, our horse therapy program, or our travel program that opens the door to new worlds. We offer the opportunity for individuals to challenge themselves; to grow in their own self-awareness and build a sense of confidence that will support them throughout their lives.

True Friends relies on the support of generous donors to help us provide our programs and services in an inclusive, safe environment.

Please join us in our commitment to serving individuals like Kari.

Meet Kari

In January 2017, Kari, a mother of two teenagers woke up not feeling well. She decided to take a warm bath, hoping it would make her feel better, but her condition deteriorated quickly and she knew something was seriously wrong. A call was made to 911 and within hours she was airlifted to the Mayo Clinic.

By the end of the day, she had 27 IVs delivering as many antibiotics as her body could take. She received 48 pints of blood trying to flush her system of a nasty infection that had spread throughout her entire body.

Read Kari’s story of overcoming the unthinkable, and thriving in her new normal.



2018 Annual Report

There are many ways you can help. See all the Ways To Give your support to True Friends. At True Friends, we’re about making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Read our 2018 Annual Report (PDF) to see how we live our mission – in providing life-changing experiences to children and adults with disabilities.