The volunteer program is reopening in 2022 at a limited capacity, and we are now accepting new volunteer applications for 2022 summer camp. Returning volunteers and groups may email us at [email protected] to learn more about facility, lawn, and hospitality volunteer opportunities.

Why Volunteer?

When you volunteer with True Friends, you help ensure everyone has a positive, welcoming, and safe experience.


Choose from youth, adult, or group/family opportunities. We also support specialized opportunities that are project or skill based.

Apply to Volunteer

Each volunteer at True Friends must apply
in order to match your time and talents
with our opportunities.


In addition to providing amazing experiences to our participants, being a volunteer has skill-building, networking, and other perks.

About True Friends

Wondering if volunteering at True Friends is right for you? Gain further insight to all
True Friends has to offer.

Things to Know

Working with or alongside individuals with disabilities is a life-changing experience. We'll help you be prepared.

Need to know more about volunteering?

We can help you find the best volunteer opportunity for you. Just reach out.