Partners in Gratitude; Letter From John LeBlanc

Dear Friends,

At our Fall True Friends in Action event, we shared the story of Tom Hollahan. A former participant, Tom’s dream was to return and work at camp. Over 20 years ago, Tom’s dream became a reality. He is now one of our longest tenured employees who helps to carry our mission each and every day.

Tom’s mom Kathy shared a bit about Tom’s journey, and included her own family’s journey. In her speech, Kathy said “We’re proud to be part of this wonderful organization and honored to be a member of the True Friends family.” What struck me about this statement was just how grateful we are to Kathy and other families who choose True Friends year after year. Who truly partner with us to provide the best possible experience for our friends like Tom. We are partners in gratitude.

To the families who continually challenge us, who ask for more options, more services, more opportunities for their loved ones: thank you. We hear you and we are striving to exceed your expectations every day.

To the families who support us and offer us grace when plans change or are cancelled all together: thank you. Your flexibility, understanding, and grace is humbly appreciated, but not lost on us.

To the families who we no longer provide care or support to: thank you. Your experience has paved the way to improve services for others, like Tom. We ask that, while you may not need or want our services any longer, we would be grateful for your support in other ways including referrals, employment opportunities, volunteering, and donations.

No matter where you are on your journey with True Friends, together, we are a building an inclusive future for individuals of all abilities. Thank you for being our partner.

John LeBlanc

True Friends President and CEO

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