A Family’s Love for Camp

The Wright family has a long history of love for camp.

John and Deb met while working at Camp Friendship. They married and had two daughters. Sophia is eight with Down syndrome, and Zoe is age 7 and neurotypical. The Wrights knew they wanted to share their love of camp with the girls.

John recalls his meaningful camp experience, “My first week, I met the most wonderful little boy with Down syndrome who changed my life forever. I learned firsthand that everyone has their own way of experiencing the world, and even though they may have a disability, they
can see things I may not notice.” John adds that camp gives participants and staff the chance to experience these insights in a beautiful and supportive setting.

Deb started out as a volunteer and then returned as the volunteer coordinator. “I had really enjoyed working as a counselor at 4-H camp, so it was a fun new experience to work with youth helping children and adults with disabilities. It was really rewarding to help them learn how
to stretch themselves and grow.” Their camp experience inspired the Wrights to offer this
experience to their children. “As our daughters have grown older, we wanted to introduce them to our love of camp,” Deb said. “We learned about the option for day camp, which seemed like a good fit for Sophia as an introduction to camp.”

sophia and zoe at camp“When Zoe learned there was a sibling week, she was set on going too. We thought she’d want
a chance to do her own thing, but she was so excited after our tour of Camp Eden Wood, that
she sure didn’t want to miss out on something so fun that Sophia would get to do,” added Deb.

Manager of Camping Erin LaVine says she saw something special with these sisters. “As soon as Sophia and Zoe walked through our doors, I knew they were camp people! Their amazing attitudes and excitement towards camp were contagious and uplifting.” Erin observed that the girls were there for each other throughout the week, and each of their experiences was as unique as they are. “Each week of camp is memorable in its own way,” Erin said, “But there is something truly magical about sibling camps.”

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