True Bonds at Camp

True Friends Camp is a truly unique program that not only provides people of all abilities with experiences and adventures, but also the opportunity to make true friendships. The summer 2022 Camp season was such an exciting season as we were able to welcome back the largest number of participants since 2020. We look forward to continuing to grow the number of campers we serve this summer!

Being a part of True Friends summer camp is impactful whether you are a participant, caregiver, staff member, or volunteer. Individuals end up connecting in the most amazing ways that build lasting memories and friendships. The 2022 Camp season was a first for both Ethan (camper), and Carlos (summer staff). Ethan’s mom explained that both she and Ethan were nervous about being away from each other for so long. Carlos was also not sure what to expect, never having worked at a summer camp before. The second day after Ethan arrived, he met Carlos, and they instantly became pals.

Carlos and Ethan having fun at different activities at Camp Friendship.

“He was having a hard time adjusting to camp the first day because of some personal issues. They were very similar to personal issues I had growing up, and so I was able to kind of open up and share with him how I dealt with it. From that moment until the end of the week, we were pretty close. I am an only child and that week he was like a little brother to me,” Carlos explained fondly.

From the shared laughs and adventures that week, a special bond was formed between Carlos and Ethan. “It was an emotional goodbye. He cried as we said our goodbyes, and I really had to hold back my tears as well. I like to believe that he still thinks about me as much as I think about him. It was one of my best weeks working at Camp so far.”

When we asked Ethan what he loved most about True Friends Camp he said, “Hanging out with Carlos, going fishing, making new friends, and the talent show.” He also wanted to share this message for anyone who might be a new camper, “Don’t be scared, you’ll make so many friends and have a good time!

Learn about how you can have life-changing experiences as a camper here and as a summer staff member here.

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