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Shawn loves a good adventure and is an explorer at heart. He has been on 19 trips over the course of 20 years with True Friends Travel.

“Shawn likes the different trips and when he really likes them he takes them multiple times,” said Taimi, Shawn’s mom.

His favorite trip though is going to Country Jam every year. He loves the singing and the dancing, but this year he was looking forward to something else. “Because of the mechanical bull,” Shawn said with a grin. “Mom got a phone call from one of the staff, ‘Can Shawn go on the mechanical bull?’”

True Friends wants to empower travelers to make decisions on what they participate in while on trips.“That’s one part I really appreciate about Travel, is that when we go on vacation, we schedule all of the activities we want to do, but sometimes when something comes up that is something different you didn’t plan for, the staff makes it happen for him,” Taimi said. “Shawn wanted to go [on the mechanical bull], so they just called to get our verbal approval, and absolutely, and he was then able to go on the bull and he loved it.”

One of his favorite trip memories was on his trip to Washington DC. “I got to drink a cherry mimosa,” said Shawn with a big grin. “I think that’s good that if a traveler wants to have an adult beverage, that there allowed to do it if they wanted to,” added Taimi. “It was so funny because when you sit down to talk about ‘What do you want to get out of this trip, or is there anything you want to buy?’ Shawn just popped out of the blue, ‘Yeah I want to have a cherry mimosa!’” said Taimi, both laughing.

Shawn picks up many mementos on his travels, his favorite is the stamp book he has for stadiums. When he goes to a new stadium, he gets a stamp for that stadium. He is hoping to get a new stamp in his book for his 20th trip. Though he may not have the plans in place yet, he knows where he wants to go. “I think it’s going to be the [NRG] Stadium in Houston, Texas,” he said.

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