48 Years of Camp

When Raymond first attended summer camp he was really shy. That was 48 years ago and today, Raymond is not the shy camper he used to be.

Now he is a welcoming face for returning staff, returning campers, new staff, and new campers. He quickly makes friends with all those around him.

“Just being around good people,” Raymond said when asked why he liked being at camp. “When I first came here, I would say I was about either 8 or 10 years old, I was shy, but the counselors I have had over the years were nice.”

Raymond comes to True Friends Camp to be reunited with friends, enjoy nature, and experience a time of relaxation.

“My favorite place is that island over there,” Raymond said pointing to an island on the lake at Camp Friendship where campers can go to camp overnight.

“I have been on a lot of overnights there and one time we were unpacking and were ready to get the tents up, then it started to downpour so we had to head back right away and we got wet. I had a little hot chocolate to warm up. It’s one of my favorite memories.”

Raymond is not a stranger to camping out, he has become an expert amongst his fellow campers.

“I have slept in several tents,” he exclaimed excitedly. “When counselors ask me ‘Want to sleep inside the tent or outside the tent by the fire?’ I always choose by the fire where we roast s’mores and everything. Sleeping outside on the tarp is the best!”

Raymond also enjoys accompanying his friends on hayrides, boat rides, going on long walks, and fishing. His time at camp is a time of relaxation and catching up with his friends.

“I just like coming here and being here and being around people that I haven’t seen over the years,” he said. “It’s great seeing all my friends.”

True Friends offers our participants the opportunity to experience camp in the way they want to and participate in the activities that interest them. All our participants are able to build lasting friendships while at camp.

Raymond said it best, camp is filled with “just good ole memories.”

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