A Respite for Caregiving

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At True Friends, we are committed to increasing and improving our programs to help people and families with special needs – people like Moses.

Moses is 17 years old and has a smile that can light up a room. Moses attends True Friends Respite, a program that offers participants a unique weekend away and a short period of rest for caregivers.

“Moses loves it, especially doing arts and crafts,” said Karen, Moses’ mom. “Respite at True Friends is more like going away to camp with friends. He is gaining independence and self-identity by having time away from home and experiencing new adventures.” Although Karen misses Moses terribly while he is away, she is grateful for the break she receives.

“Caregiving can be challenging,” she said, “[The weekend away] allows me to have some time to myself, with my friends, and to rest up knowing he is being cared for and having fun. When Moses and I see each other again on Sunday, it’s the best day ever.”
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