Leaving Your Comfort Zone

At least once every year for the past five years, part of Leon’s summer is spent at one of True Friends Camps’ in Minnesota.

He attended camp for the first time when he was 13 and has been excited to return each year. He has been to every location except Camp Eden Wood; Camp Courage North being his favorite.

Of all the activities offered, his favorites are biking, playing pool, and relaxing. However, at the top of Leon’s list of favorite activities is the dance at Camp Friendship. “You get to show off your moves, eat some food, and enjoy music from a bunch of different artists,” he said.

When not spending time at the variety of activities each day, he likes to take some time to sit by the lake and relax. Being at True Friends has also allowed Leon to make friends by getting out of his comfort zone. “I used to be a shy person before Camp, but ever since then I’ve started having more confidence in myself,” he said with a smile. Building self-esteem and confidence in participants by helping them expand their comfort zones has always been a goal for True Friends.

Coming to camp has helped Leon come out of his shell and be more social. Being in an environment encouraging socialization and relationship building has been important for Leon when it comes to making friends. “Getting out of your comfort zone; and you can meet more people,” he said, describing the experience. “That’s the good thing about True Friends.” Leon is just one of many participants who have made friends and built confidence since attending True Friends Camp. Leon is excited to continue attending camp for the foreseeable future and having the time of his life.

“I’m very thankful for True Friends, if I didn’t have True Friends, I wouldn’t be the person I am today,” said Leon.

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