Dreams Becoming a Reality

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Isabelle is a happy, expressive seven-year-old with cerebral palsy. She graces the Therapy and Adaptive Riding (previously known as True Strides) staff with her smile and gives warmth to our program.

When she came to Therapy and Adaptive riding one year ago, her arms, fingers, and legs were very stiff, making it difficult for her to complete independent movements. Isabelle also had limited head control and scissoring legs during supported ambulation (walking).

After a year of targeted programming, she is able to hold her head up independently. She is able to trot in a supported sitting position without head assistance from a staff member and she is able to bear weight and walk with assistance across the sand, leading her horse, Kal.

Her medical therapists are so excited, they wish to come and see Isabelle ride. They are all thrilled with the progress occurring so quickly in Isabelle’s body along with her parents and our Therapy and Adaptive Riding staff. The photos from Isabelle’s lessons reflect the impact of Hippotherapy where “therapy is fun, goals are reached and dreams become a reality!”

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