No Shortage of Adventures

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When Cindy walks into a room, her warmth and compassion are contagious. She has not had a shortage of adventures, especially when she travels with True Friends Travel.

Over the course of 23 years, she has attended Twins Extravaganza, Disneyland and California Adventure, Las Vegas, Country Jam, and Orlando: Disney and Universal.

Cindy standing in front of Las Vegas sign“I like to see all the different people on the trip and talk,” said Cindy. “What they do like, what kind of hobbies they are doing.” She also likes to share with others her own hobbies; collecting little metal spoons, angels, and bells on all of her adventures. While souvenirs are fun to collect, travel is about making memories.

One of her favorite memories is from her trip to Disney and Universal in Orlando, Florida. “I was in that house, Harry Potter, and I went to that one store [that sells wands],” explained Cindy. “The man said, ‘Come on up,’ and I came up and I got the wand. I was waving the wand, the boxes tipped over on the shelf, in the front I did another box, it tipped over, and when I did the bell, it was like church music to a nice tune, with that wand.”

Though she did not get to keep that particular wand, as she said, “I had the magic for that day.”

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