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When she is not competing in Special Olympics Minnesota for bowling and bocce ball, Bethany is relaxing at home watching her favorite movies.

As a world traveler, Bethany has been to France, Ireland, Finland, and Russia, but her absolute favorite place she has traveled to is Camp Courage North.

Bethany has been attending Brain Gains for many years. Recently she was recognized for her loyalty and spirit by being elected Camper of the Year by staff and fellow campers. “You meet people that have gone through stuff as you have, so you have that connection,” Bethany said.

Bethany with staff roasting marshmallows at Camp Courage North“Everyone here understands you, like there are times in the world where you face so many stigmatisms, but here we all accept each other.” Throughout camp, participants can take part in many traditional camp activities. “I love tubing,” Bethany said. “I enjoy how happy it makes other campers to go tubing. I like how it can make anyone smile or laugh.”

Camp has given Bethany the chance to make lifelong friends. The friendships Bethany has made here are some of the most impactful relationships she has ever made. “I like coming back every year and seeing people you haven’t seen in a year, I just love being here. I have made friendships
that will last forever. I consider these people my best friends!” Bethany exclaimed. “Camp is so great because it helps me to interact with others and always to have fun!”

Bethany plans to continue attending Brain Gains at Camp Courage North. The week of camp is her favorite time of summer. She has the chance to see her friends while participating in various activities. Camp is a place Bethany feels like she belongs and will continue to make an impact in her life. “This is my vacation of fun,” Bethany said with a smile.

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