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As the student body of Bethany Global University has grown, their need for a space to retreat and reflect has grown as well. A holistic school and work college for intercultural studies, Bethany strives to provide their students with enriching experiences that broaden their horizons.

To fulfill their space needs, Bethany’s Events Coordinator, Amy Zaffke, looked to True Friends. “I love the spaces; that’s part of what appealed to us when we came and visited,” she said. Bethany has been bringing groups to Camp Courage and Camp Friendship for three years now, utilizing the camps for men, women, senior, and leadership retreats. These retreats are a time for relaxation, reflection, and team building. “We take over the whole camp,” said Amy.

Bethany initially chose the Camp Courage and Camp Friendship locations for retreats because they enjoy the facilities and the services that are provided. “We like to do a lot of break-out sessions,” she said. “There are so many opportunities to find those spaces, which a lot of retreat centers don’t offer.”

During the group and break-out sessions, Bethany facilitators try their best to maintain a balance between productivity and relaxation. “It’s like ‘Hey, let’s do a pause on your schoolwork, we really want you to have fun, but we also want takeaways,’” said Amy. “We want them to feel relaxed and refreshed but also develop and grow.”

Bethany continues to bring retreat groups to True Friends because they appreciate the flexibility and effort put into making their retreats successful. “What we’ve come to expect at True Friends is above and beyond customer service and helpfulness,” said Amy. “It really feels like a team effort.”

Amy also acknowledged her appreciation for True Friends’ mission, to provide life-changing experiences that enhance independence and self-esteem for children and adults with disabilities. She enjoys supporting True Friends and their programs by utilizing the locations for retreats.

“It’s nice to bless someone while also being blessed,” said Amy. Bethany Global University plans to continue using True Friends for future retreats.

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