Ambassador Resources

Thank you for your continued support of True Friends and our mission to provide life-changing experiences that enhance independence and self-esteem for children and adults with disabilities. Below are resources to help you easily promote various roles and share information while recruiting for True Friends.

Recruitment Prezi

Use this Prezi to share an intro to True Friends, basic information about current roles, and a CTA to apply or volunteer.

Email Templates

These email templates are designed to easily send recruitment information to a professor, student group, or a peer.

Social Media Graphics

These graphics can be used to promote open positions, but also for when you are at a career fair or an event.

Text Message Templates

These text message templates are a great tool that make it easy to send a text to individuals who you think would be interested in a True Friends position.

Flyer (coming soon)

This flyer is downloadable and printable for you to share with individuals while talking about True Friends and promoting open positions.

Video (coming soon)

This video shares what the True Friends Camp staff experience is like. A great tool for promoting open positions!

Have Questions?

No worries, the recruitment team can help you find what you’re looking for.