Abranette’s Calling to Camp

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Abranette volunteered with True Friends last year during summer camp. Abranette loves to give back, is part of student council, debate club, and Business Professionals of America, and is a Girl Scout.

“One of my friends was talking about it, he said how he volunteers every summer at a camp for people with varying forms of disabilities and he said it was the best part of his summer,” said Abranette, explaining how she heard about True Friends. “Immediately I signed up to volunteer!”

She has learned how much she loves spending time with the campers and it has become her favorite part about volunteering. “Honestly, the campers are the best part of this camp experience,” she said, smiling. “The connections you make with the campers, it’s the most genuine and wholesome thing ever.”

For Abranette, True Friends provides a unique experience for all to enjoy. “I’m really grateful that there’s an environment like this, it’s really safe and inviting, there’s no judgment here,” Abranette said. “I think it’s a great environment for the campers to come to, outside of camp they might not always feel at home and comfortable, but True Friends and the staff here do their best to provide the best time for everyone here.”

In addition to spending time with campers, Abranette has enjoyed making connections with other volunteers and being able to learn and grow with them. “When you’re coming into this experience, adapt to this environment and enjoy this learning experience,” she said. “You’re going to be challenged a lot and pushed outside your comfort zone. The best thing to do is give it your all and try your best.”

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