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Beach at Camp Eden Wood

Lakefront at Camp Eden Wood, Eden Prairie

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The Event

The Eden Prairie Community Foundation and Eden Prairie News are sponsoring a celebration of the city and its generosity during the upcoming EP Gives Week (April 19-25). During the special week of activities, the newspaper will highlight charitable giving and community service in Eden Prairie with a series of newspaper articles. The winner of the EP Givers Award will receive $2,000 in free advertising from the Eden Prairie News.

The Nominator

Residents and community members were encouraged to nominate a nonprofit or service club for recognition during the week. True Friends’ Twin Cities program center Camp Eden Wood is located in Eden Prairie, and we were greatly honored to be nominated by a wonderful volunteer. Elaine Taggatz, whose brother has attended programs at Camp Eden Wood, planned a significant volunteer project with Thrivent, her employer, to provide program supplies. Now she has nominated us to receive community recognition! We are so grateful to an already wonderful supporter for this new opportunity. And we’re very proud of the tribute she gave us in her nomination letter. Here are some excerpts:

The Nomination

Dear Eden Prairie Community Foundation Board,

I would like to nominate for the 2015 EP Givers Award, Camp Eden Wood, a part of the non-profit organization True Friends, whose mission is providing life-changing experiences that enhance independence and self-esteem for children and adults with disabilities. Camp Eden Wood is located in beautiful Eden Prairie and offers many different camp and respite programs throughout the year to children and adults with physical, developmental and learning disabilities. Camp Eden Wood has been in operation for 20 years and has served thousands of children and adults maintaining a strong commitment and advocacy for all people with disabilities. It is especially a great place for a disabled person living in the Twin Cities area to be able to enjoy a camping experience while not being too far from home. The camp offers day, weekend and one week camps.

Camp Eden Wood Cabin

Birchwood Cabin at Camp Eden Wood, Eden Prairie

Camp Eden Wood programs are designed for campers not only to have fun, but to give them practice at social skills, develop relationships, practice self-advocacy, combat loneliness, build problem-solving skills and participate in other programs within their community. Few other places can achieve all of these things in one week. I know this for a fact because my middle-aged developmentally disabled brother since birth, living in a group home, has enjoyed getting away and participating in Camp Eden Woods Day Camp program for the last few years. He thoroughly enjoys it and looks forward to it every year, creating and building new friends and seeing old ones.

I know True Friends participated in the Give to the Max Day to help fund this dynamic project [an accessible sensory playground] to help improve the life of all residents not only in Eden Prairie, but the metro area. That is why I would like to nominate Camp Eden Wood for this recognition.

Thank you for considering Camp Eden Wood as a nominee for the 2015 EP Givers Award.

Elaine Taggatz