Nursing & Health Care Volunteering

Designed for adults with medical experience and/or training, the program allows volunteers the opportunity to assist the Health Care department on a short, mid or long-term basis. Remote on-call support is also available for potential volunteers with less flexible schedules.

Nurse or Health and Medication Aide – available at all Locations

Description: We are seeking Registered Nurses (RN’s), Health Care Aides (HCA) and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPNs) to assist the health care department. This will include medical check-in  and check-out of campers and staff, setting up and passing medication daily and providing remote on-call support for the program team.

Short-term opportunities exist with various programs. Participants can volunteer for a few hours during medical check-in on  Friday evenings and with medical check-out on Sunday afternoons during multiple weekends throughout the year. During the Summer Camp Program, participants can aid with check-in on Sunday afternoons and check-out on Friday afternoons.

Mid-term opportunities are available with the year round Respite Care Camp program, Summer Camp program (June – Aug) and Winter Camp program (operating during winter school break). Mid-term participants volunteer their services from Friday 5pm – Sunday5pm.

Long-term opportunities are also available with the Summer Camp program and participants would have the opportunity to volunteer their services for one week (Sunday 11:30am – Friday 5pm) to ten weeks.

On-call support is needed on a weekly basis beginning Friday 5pm and ending Sunday 5pm. As an on-call support, you would offer remote assistance to the program team working with the Respite Care program.

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