Family Volunteering

Families volunteering with True Friends is something special you can all do together to help teach your kids to think about the larger community and it’s members!

Whether there are two of you or you have a larger extended family, if you combine efforts to help others – that’s volunteering!

Besides the wonderful benefits to your community, there are many benefits for your family. Volunteering together enhances values such as kindness, compassion and tolerance, plus family members learn new skills and feel appreciated for their contributions and talents.

Want more reasons to volunteer as a family? Look at these great benefits!

  1. Strengthen bonds when you share a unique and powerful experience.
  2. Gain quality family time while giving back.
  3. Give family members an opportunity to lead.
  4. Increase commitment to volunteering and your community.

Finding the right opportunity

At True Friends, you can find the ideal family volunteering opportunity.

At Camp Courage in Maple Lake, MN we welcome families (including kids ages 5+) so you’ll feel welcomed as well as feeling like a contributing member of the team!

As a summer camp volunteer, you will be a new friend to campers, and will assigned to a cabin and assist staff in providing program activities and the best care and most fun possible in order to make campers’ time at camp the best it can be while at camp.

At our other four Minnesota locations, family volunteers (with kids ages 13+) support the summer and winter camp programs, and support our two year-round programs: weekend respite at Camp Eden Wood and Camp Friendship and True Strides Therapy Horses at Camp Courage.

Volunteering at True Strides has many different faces. One could be a side walker, horse leader, tack cleaner, stall cleaning or horse groomer or our critical game player.  These positions will depend upon your comfort level, experience and desire to learn.  We will train you and make sure the position fits you.

As you identify the site and program that is right for your family, be sure to involve your kids in the decision making process. Everyone wants the experience to be a success for everyone. Keep these tips in mind, too:

Kids 14 & Under

Plan to work alongside your children to guide and encourage them (plus keep an eye on them). That way you can share observations and later talk about the experience.

Kids 15+

Look for opportunities where your kids can have more independence and can bond with other kids. You don’t have to work side by side plus it gives your child a chance to demonstrate more responsibility. Ensure any supervisory role you do play enhances your child’s experience and strengthens their independent abilities.

Children of all ages have capacity to understand the purpose of helping others, and when they are asked to help in the wider community, they typically embrace the experience and are excited to asked for their assistance.

These are great opportunities to talk to your child about volunteering and how you, as a family, can help make the world a better place!

A time to reflect

Are you still unsure if this is the right opportunity for you and your family? – talk to the parent, son, daughter, father of a family who previously volunteered with our organization. Contact Volunteer Services for contact information.

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