Volunteer FAQ’s

When can I volunteer?

Click here to check out True Friends’ Volunteer Services opportunities.

How do I apply to volunteer?

To submit your online application click here.

I’ve never worked with people with disabilities before, is that okay?

Yes. A majority of our new volunteers have limited or no experience working with our population. We provide training to help your initial introduction to our community, and thereafter volunteers will work in tandem with a staff member – when working with our campers. Note: not all of our volunteer opportunities require working with people with disabilities.

Where am I going to stay?

It will depend on the program you’re volunteering with, and not all volunteer positions require volunteers to reside on-camp.

Weekend respite programs at Camp Friendship and Camp Eden Wood: volunteers will reside in the cabin with campers and staff. Volunteers will not sleep in the same room as a camper.

Summer/Winter Camp residential volunteers at Camp Friendship: The Volunteer House is home to volunteers. Females and males sleep on separate floors and have their own bathrooms. Our Youth Development Coordinators also sleep in the V-House each night and an internal alarm system ensures the safety of all volunteers. Note: camper and staff cabins may be used if larger groups of volunteers are at camp or for adult volunteers. If sleeping in a camper cabin, adults would not share a room with a camper, but may share a room with camp staff.

Summer Camp residential at Camp Courage and Camp Courage North: Volunteers will potentially stay in cabins with campers and staff. Volunteers will not sleep in the same room as a camper, nor will a youth volunteer sleep in the same room as a member of the opposite gender.

Summer Day Camp volunteers at Camp Eden Wood: Due to lack of bed space, volunteers are not provided housing.

Groups, activity volunteers, etc. will not be provided housing, but are welcome to enjoy a meal if meal service is being provided during their volunteer experience with us.

All sleeping quarters have running water & electricity and bathrooms are private with locks on the door.

Can I bring food / snacks?

Yes! Some living quarters have kitchens and volunteers often bring bottled water, pop, chips, and more. You are not limited for the amount of snacks you can bring – please make sure the camp site isn’t running gluten or nut-free programming.

Can I volunteer with a friend?

Sure, as long as they’ve applied for a volunteer position, have been accepted and trained by the Volunteer Services Department.

Do I need to bring money?

No. However many volunteers do choose to bring money to buy camp apparel at our Camp store.

What if I’m a vegetarian, or have another special diet?

As long as we know about your diet ahead of time, we can accommodate you in most cases. We do cater to staff and volunteers who are vegetarians and lactose & gluten free. If you have made the choice to be vegan, note we can not fully accommodate this diet. Camp programs offer a salad bar during lunch/dinner, but please know you’ll need to supplement your meals accordingly. Make sure to note your dietary restrictions on your health form.

Can I get credit hours for volunteering?

Volunteer Services staff members can fill out any documentation to show you have completed volunteer hours. References can also be written upon request. Volunteers can earn 35 hours for a 3 day respite weekend, and 79 for a 6 day week-long camp program and 70 hours for a 5 day camp program. These hours are earned; volunteers who fail to comply with volunteer policies/expectations will jeopardize your ability to continue in the program resulting in no service hours.

Can my family volunteer?

Yes. True Friends’ supports family, youth, adult, group and individual volunteers. Families most often volunteer with our Camp Courage and Camp Courage North locations throughout the summer. We also offer activity volunteer opportunities at each location.

Does volunteering with True Friends cost money?

No! For most volunteer positions we will provide food and accommodation as part of the package. Many volunteers wish to make donations to help support True Friends’ Volunteer Services or our core programs. Activity volunteers may purchase materials to run programs and True Friends is able to provide an in-kind donation receipt for tax purposes.

Can I use my experience at camp on my resume?

Yes! The Volunteer Services Department can also supply written or verbal references upon request. Check out the full list of volunteer benefits here.

I don’t meet the minimum age rule, but I am very mature. Do you make exceptions based on maturity?

No! To ensure we are providing consistent, safe and equitable services to all of our volunteers, groups and families, we don’t make exceptions on any policies.

Specifically regarding age, all programs are designed to engage volunteers at an age whereby self-direction, initiative and motivation can be consistently applied. Learn more about True Friends Age Policy.

If you have additional questions, please contact the
Volunteer Services Department: 952-852-0101 x399