Volunteer Requirements

Are you ready for the challenge? Join the True Friends’ Volunteer Services Community today!

Volunteers must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Be at least 14 years of age.
    If you are younger than 14, there are other ways to get involved with your family. Contact Volunteer Services to find out how: 952-852-0101 x399 / VolunteerServices@TrueFriends.org
  2. Minimum commitment.
    To work with our summer, weekend respite or winter camp programs, be able to commit to a minimum of one camp session. Sessions range in size from two days to two weeks.
  3. Understand and accept True Friends’ philosophies.
    “providing life-changing opportunities for children and adults with disabilities”. Learn more about True Friends. Complete adequate training and screening processes to ensure suitability to work with an at risk community.
  4. Training may be provided online and or in person depending on your program preference.
    • Guardian permission is required prior to youth volunteers engaging in the program
    • A cleared Department of Human Services Background study is required prior to adults engaging in the program
    • Understand and agree to fulfill all responsibilities of their role independently.

Volunteer opportunities are available year round, at many of our locations, Monday through Sunday. 

If you meet the criteria listed above get started on your application.

True Friends does not accept court-ordered, voluntary or otherwise, volunteer applications.

Are you interested in Youth Development & Leadership volunteer opportunities?

Organize it with your church or youth group, or do it alone and meet new people. Learn more about our Youth Development and Leadership opportunities for ages 14-17.

Guide to Applying

Step One
Review the volunteer programs available at each camp location and identify one that meets your needs

including commitment and time frame. More information on each program can be found in the volunteer opportunities section.

If you need assistance in deciding which program is right for you, your family, group or school, contact the Volunteer Services Department: 952-852-0101.

Step Two
Complete and submit an Online Volunteer Application.

A member of the Volunteer Services Department will contact prospective volunteers to conduct a phone screening and interview within 72 business hours after the online application is submitted.

Step Three
Complete additional paperwork as needed to support your application

i.e. background scan, parental permission etc.

Step Four
Complete on-line and or in person training prior to engaging in the program. Average application processing time is one week.