Peace Warrior Project

SPARTA is a program that helps warriors with PTSD. It is a five-day retreat that includes meditation, contemplative activities, ropes courses, equine assisted counseling and the “age-old practice of using myth, story, ritual and personal narrative to create new practices that detoxify the warrior of moral injury.” Learn more about SPARTA here.
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If you need more information, or have questions, please call 952.852.0126 or email

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Meet the Staff

Shari Mangas, OTR, Director of True Strides

Shari and Adagio
Shari is a Path Certified Riding Instructor and American Hippotherpy Registered Occupational Therapist. She has 30 years’ experience working with both children and adults with disabilities and 15 years’ experience incorporating horses into therapy sessions. More recently, Shari worked with Horses for Hero’s utilizing horses during the warriors’ physical rehabilitation. That project resulted in a dream to create a program at True Friends focusing on PTSD. Following the yearlong pilot program the “Peace Warrior Project” was initiated. Our first camp being held May 2016 in partnerships with SPART and St. Cloud State University Veterans Resource Center.

Donna Albury, Equine Manager at True Strides

Donna has been working with horses for approximately 10 years. Since joining the team at True Strides, she has gained additional experience with children and adults with disabilities, as well as clients with PTSD. She assists with Hippotherapy and Therapeutic riding lessons in addition to daily barn duties. Donna rides as frequently as she can, and would like to become a PATH Certified Riding Instructor in the near future.

Camp Courage
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