“Donor choice” means exactly what it says … as a donor you have the right to choose who will benefit from your workplace campaign gift. If your company does not allow donor choice, please ask them to consider making it an option for future campaigns. If you work for the federal or state government, or your workplace participates in a United Way campaign, you can designate all or part of your gift to True Friends, which will appear in one of three ways:

  1. Friendship Ventures: The former parent agency that oversees all services and programs, and operates Camp Courage, Camp Friendship, Camp Eden Wood, Camp Courage North, Camp New Hope,
  2. Children’s Disability Service Association: A nationally-recognized division of True Friends that supports services for children and adults with disabilities.
  3. Friendship Foundation or True Friends Foundation:
    An endowment foundation that supports True Friends exclusively. If you have friends or relatives who work for the federal, state government or in corporations that allow donor choice, encourage them to support True Friends.