Harley is 11 years old and has a smile that can light up a room. He just attended Summer Family Camp at Camp Courage in Maple Lake and it was his second time attending camp.

“It’s nice to get away from my parents every so often,” he said with a laugh. “I get to meet other children like me. At camp I see them every single day, it’s so cool.”

Last year at camp Harley went on the zip line for the first time while this year, his favorite thing to do was, “shooting water balloons filled with paint. It was my first time ever really being near a gun when it’s been shot.”

The time at camp allows campers like Harley to consider a world where having a disability does not limit him.

“I realized ‘hey, I can do more than I think I can’,” he said.
His experiences has led him to encourage others to witness the same thing.

“Discover new things, see what you can do,” he said.  “Even if you don’t think you can do much, try it. Test the limits.”

Harley has lots of advice for his fellow campers.

“I don’t think [people] try enough to see what they can do,” he said.  “I know I didn’t, but I changed that. I thought about the possibilities. I can do just about anything if I can type with my eyes. Just look at it from a different angle.”