6:30 am: Wake up
6:30 may seem early, but with all the fun to be had each day, an early start is essential! The best way to start each morning is with a reminder to yourself of the camp motto, “Camp is for the campers” and vow to make that day the best it can be for each individual at camp.

6:30-8:00 am: Wake up the campers
Waking up the campers involves helping them out of bed and assisting in whatever morning cares they need. This can include helping them get dressed or assisting in teeth brushing, whatever they need.

8:00 am: Breakfast
Time for the first journey to the dining hall for the day. Getting yourself and your campers a solid breakfast puts the day on a good path. There is also coffee, and other forms of caffeine as necessary.

9:00-12:00: Activities
Morning activities vary by day, week and session. There are tons of things to do around camp, a few favorite morning activities are arts & crafts, swimming, fishing and biking.

12:00: Lunch
Lunch is usually another dining hall affair, but once a week your cabin will have a picnic outside. These are a fun way to relax outside with the campers and offer a nice switch in the routine. The dining hall provides a basket of picnic lunch and away you go with your cabin to enjoy the picnic table life.

1:00-2:00 pm: Rest hour
Rest hour can be essential for your mental health and it is a time for your group to hang out, relax, check out the canteen and let lunch settle before diving into afternoon activities.

2:00-5:30 pm: Activities
The fun never stops at camp, so after rest hour there are more options for evening activities. Some of the most popular evening activities are boating, taking a nature walk, playing with the bunnies and other animals or music group.

5:30 pm: Dinner
Another hike to the dining hall to enjoy the wonders from the kitchen staff.

7:00: Evening Program
These programs are put on by the counselors or special guests and can be different each week. There are a few classics, like the Campfire Extravaganza on check-in, but to keep things interesting, the counselors make up new gigs each week.

8:00pm: Evening cares
Evening cares means helping campers with their bedtime routines and having the chance to chat about the day, hear their stories and favorite parts of the day and ask what they are looking forward to for the next day.

9:30: Bedtime to prep for another awesome day at camp!
9:30 may seem early, but you will thank yourself in the morning. After a tiring day of activities, another reminder of “camp is for the campers” makes this crazy journey of being a summer camp counselor worth it.