At True Friends we continually strive to learn, grow and evolve in an effort to enhance our programs and services; to ensure we are offering life-changing experiences to individuals of all abilities.

When it comes to making decisions about those programs and services, we look toward our values to guide our thinking. In 2018, as we took a closer look at our values and how they fit into our plans for today, tomorrow and in the future, we found ourselves wanting to say more.

Therefore, through a variety of activities with staff and our boards, we went back to the drawing board and established the following values and statements to help represent True Friends as an organization:

We strive to create an authentic atmosphere of inclusion and belonging; to support independence and exploration while providing the opportunity for positive outcomes.

We provide individuals the tools, training and information to encourage them to make mindful and confident decisions about their own future growth.

We believe that how things are done is as important as what is done; thus, we are committed to honest, fair, respectful and authentic principles.

We are committed to making safety a way of life at True Friends.; ensuring secure accessible environment, providing mindful training and making dedicated changes to enhance our overall operations.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement to ensure ongoing financial, program and infrastructure success.

While many of these values have been part of our process’ all along, we felt it was time to share them and hold ourselves more accountable to them. We hope you will too.