If you’re searching for real-world experiences and striving for excellence in your life, True Friends is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for and we’re seeking committed individuals whose values align with our own.

Skills & Values

What skills and values are integral to True Friends?

  1. Excellent communication & interpersonal skills;
  2. A value to work with others to generate solutions;
  3. The ability to think creatively, conduct research and use analytical skills;
  4. A value to motive others and build a sense of community, and
  5. The skill and value to know ones value base and allow this to unpin personal and professional practices.

Why Intern?

Why Intern

What do True Friends Interns do?

True Friends dedicate 3 – 6 months to working part or full-time with True Friends in the United States. Interns are placed throughout the organization based on their skills and the needs of the organization. It is the role of the Internship Services Department to place interns within the department where they feel the skills the intern has match organizational needs.

True Friends interns have worked in:

  • Volunteer Management
  • Program Development
  • Program Implementation
  • Horse Care & Farm Management
  • Health Care
  • Social / Human Services
  • Compliance Coordination
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Business Development & Administration
  • Hospitality
  • Conference Management & Customer Relations Management
  • Culinary Arts
  • Facilities Management & Operations
  • Administrative Services
  • Nursing / Health Care Administration
  • Youth Development & Leadership
  • Experiential Learning (
Please contact us if you cannot find the internship you are looking for.

No matter the role, True Friends’ Internship program NUMBER 1 goal is to Develop people. Every internship opportunity with True Friends will provide a great career development experience that leverages interns’ existing talents and enables them to hone new ones.

Where are True Friends Interns located?

Most True Friends Interns work at the Camp Friendship Headquarters in Annandale, Minnesota (near Saint Cloud MN). However, we do have a few intern positions out of the Camp Eden Wood office in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and some positions can work remotely with regular check-in meeting in Eden Prairie.

What happens after I complete my True Friends Internship?

At True Friends, communication and setting expectations is key! Thus, it is important to note that internship positions do not turn into staff positions at True Friends.If a position becomes available at the time an intern is working at True Friends, we would consider that individuals as we would any other applicant applying externally.

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