Special Diet Kitchen Intern

*2 positions available at all 4 locations*


Food Service Special Diet Nutritionist will have the skills, education and knowledge to handle special diets requirements of participants, staff & clients. Good organizational skills, willing to work independently, & excellent verbal communication skills. The ideal candidate must have the ability to demonstrate leadership and professional image to associates with clients & staff. Food preparation experience very helpful.

Functions and Responsibilities

• Develop alternative menus
o Meal preparation
o Assist with food service
o Communicate with parents/caregiver on participant special diet requirements
o Answer special diet nutrition questions
o Help with training of kitchen and seasonal staff
o Flexible with schedule and tasks
• Assist at camp
o Greet & welcome parents Sunday at camp check in
o Maintain daily cleaning/sanitation of kitchen area
o Assist with meal set set-up
o Assist with inventory control
o Purchase special diet foods
o Assist with canteen
o Returning all Special Diet items to caregivers at checkout
• Know and follow personnel policies of True Friends.
• Assume all other duties and assignments as deemed appropriate by the Foodservice Manager – be flexible / willing to jump into any camp situation that might arise.

Physical Demands

• As an employee, you may also need to perform duties that involve a variety of physical challenges. Appropriate training will be given to ensure that correct techniques and precautions are used in this area.
These may include
1. Extreme heat or cold
2. High decibel noises
3. Physically exerting activities (walking, lifting, crouching, sitting for lengthy periods)
4. Exposure to ionizing/non ionizing radiation (from radios, walkie talkies, microwaves etc)
5. Physical aggression from campers who may display challenging behaviors

Work Environment

• You may also be exposed to some hazardous substances and harmful physical agents on a routine basis, meaning you may be exposed during the normal course of your work assignments. You will receive training on how to avoid illness or injury in this area.
These areas may include
1. Hazardous materials for cleaning (MSDS sheets available at each site)
2. Chemicals associated with protection of others (bug spray, sunscreen etc)
3. Environmental factors (Poison ivy, pollen, insect bites etc)
4. Gasoline or exhaust fumes from vehicles
5. Infectious agents such as blood or other bodily fluids

This job description is intended to describe the general nature of this job. It is not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all requirements for this position, nor does it constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee. It is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the job change.