Media/Public Relations Assistant


Qualified applicants will have experience with photography and a communications specialty (videography, graphic design, photojournalism, etc). Qualified applicants will be asked for a portfolio to showcase their work pre-phone interview.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for photography/media work at designated camp location.
  • Take, edit, sort, and label all photos. Screen and choose weekly top photos to be published on social media each week to represent programming at your site.
  • Capture video to be used in the weekly highlight video to be posted on YouTube and other social media.
  • Order and maintain all supplies, developing curriculum, provide organization, safety and operation.
  • Manage work flow including photo editing, creating end of the week highlight video for YouTube, interviewing and writing camper and staff stories, and more based on individuals’ skillset.
  • Coordinate with each site’s PR Assistant and create and develop consistent branding.
  • Support social media objectives. Creatively portray images from the summer based on consent of campers, staff, and volunteers to support continual marketing.
  • Spend time with various cabins each week to capture and showcase the variety of camp activities.
  • Compile an end of summer handover report of projects, materials used, recommendations and inventory for the following summer’s staff.
  • May need to fill in as cabin staff.
  • May lead photography-based activities for campers as requested by site manager.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Physical Demands

  • Ability to work long hours including standing and/or sitting.
  • Ability to care for participants in a dignified and respectful manner.
  • Ability to take care of expensive equipment.
  • Ability to work within a team who all work at various locations.
  • Ability to work on tasks and projects independently within the camp community.
  • Ability to take initiative on new ideas, projects, and leads.
  • As an employee, you may also need to perform duties that involve a variety of physical challenges. Appropriate training will be given to ensure that correct techniques and precautions are used in this area.

These may include
1. Extreme heat or cold
2. High decibel noises
3. Physically exerting activities (walking, lifting, crouching, sitting for lengthy periods)
4. Exposure to ionizing/non ionizing radiation (from radios, walkie talkies, microwaves etc)
5. Physical aggression from campers who may display challenging behaviors

Work Environment

• You may also be exposed to some hazardous substances and harmful physical agents on a routine basis, meaning you may be exposed during the normal course of your work assignments. You will receive training on how to avoid illness or injury in this area.
These areas may include
1. Hazardous materials for cleaning (MSDS sheets available at each site)
2. Chemicals associated with protection of others (bug spray, sunscreen etc)
3. Environmental factors (Poison ivy, pollen, insect bites etc)
4. Gasoline or exhaust fumes from vehicles
5. Infectious agents such as blood or other bodily fluids

This job description is intended to describe the general nature of this job. It is not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all requirements for this position, nor does it constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee. It is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the job change.