Assistant Program Manager

*Full for Summer 2016*


BS/BA or equivalent experience. Experience in the areas of staff supervision and working with individuals with developmental disabilities. Must demonstrate enthusiasm and ability to work effectively with individuals with developmental disabilities, parents, care providers and general community. Willingness to be a positive team member, good organizational skills, possess valid driver’s license, ability to use or learn computer word processing and database systems.

Functions and Responsibilities

• Responsible for check in and check out process for campers and their caregivers. Complete or assign follow up documentation as needed (24 hour/2 day call lists, camper notes to be passed on to cabin groups etc). Show documentation, cabin photo, canteen envelope and promote survey during check out process.
• Responsible for camper experience reports, camper notes, report to caregiver, customer survey information, inventory and maintenance of equipment as assigned.
• Responsible for direct supervision of Program Coordinator and Program Staff members and evaluation of their job performance. Have an active role with staff orientation during leadership week and later sessions. Provide support for evening on-call and day to day responsibilities at camp.
• Develop and maintain good relations with staff members and volunteers. Assist to provide weekend and free time activity options for all staff.
• Maintain and develop good relationships with customers utilizing True Friends services. Document camper notes in file for future summers. Make calls to caregivers 7-10 days before first time campers arrive at camp and connect with other leadership staff regarding calls to caregivers of new campers.
• Know and follow financial business procedures of True Friends. Work within budget areas related to position. Track expenses on financial worksheet.
• Participate in weekly cabin assignments for campers using notes regarding first time campers.
• To prepare and maintain records of each weeks’ activities in weekly binder.
• Responsible for the care, maintenance, inventory, budget for all assigned supplies and equipment.
• Assist with maintaining related licensure and accreditation as it relates to services (i.e. ACA standards for Camp Accreditation).
• Demonstrate a commitment to True Friends by conducting oneself in a professional manner so that others may be motivated to emulate goals, attitudes, and behavior.
• Know and follow personnel policies of True Friends.
• Assist to manage and organize the summer staff transportation to and from the airport (bus and train stations), coordinate vehicles throughout the week and weekend for activities, clinic runs, staff trips. Communicate transportation plans.
• Assume all other duties and assignments as deemed appropriate by the Program Director.

Physical Demands

• As an employee, you may also need to perform duties that involve a variety of physical challenges. Appropriate training will be given to ensure that correct techniques and precautions are used in this area.
These may include
1. Extreme heat or cold
2. High decibel noises
3. Physically exerting activities (walking, lifting, crouching, sitting for lengthy periods)
4. Exposure to ionizing/non ionizing radiation (from radios, walkie talkies, microwaves etc)
5. Physical aggression from campers who may display challenging behaviors

Work Environment

• You may also be exposed to some hazardous substances and harmful physical agents on a routine basis, meaning you may be exposed during the normal course of your work assignments. You will receive training on how to avoid illness or injury in this area.
These areas may include
1. Hazardous materials for cleaning (MSDS sheets available at each site)
2. Chemicals associated with protection of others (bug spray, sunscreen etc)
3. Environmental factors (Poison ivy, pollen, insect bites etc)
4. Gasoline or exhaust fumes from vehicles
5. Infectious agents such as blood or other bodily fluids
This job description is intended to describe the general nature of this job. It is not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all requirements for this position, nor does it constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee. It is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the job change.