Activities Counselor

Hiring at all sites: Camp Courage, Maple Lake; Camp Friendship, Annandale; Camp Eden Wood, Eden Prairie; Camp Courage North, Lake George


True Friends is seeking individuals to join their program team to implement program with multiple skill set that will provide intentional programs for all True Friends camps. These skill sets include; lifeguarding, team-building, high ropes challenge course, outdoor education, arts & crafts, cooking, music, fishing, and more.

Activities Counselors will fulfill one of two roles of the program team, based on skill sets and certification Activities Counselors roles will either be on the Dry Land Team or Water Team.


Lead in designing and implementing innovative accessible and adaptable experiences, both indoor and outdoor to a wide variety of campers.

Preferred Qualifications

Good communication and interpersonal skills; energetic; some previous experience with climbing, outdoor adventure programming, low/high ropes course activities or facilitation of team-building challenges desired but not necessary.

Must be capable of:
• Wearing a seat harness for up to 8 hours
• Hanging in a seat harness for up to 45 minutes
• Working in the outdoors for up to 10 consecutive hours
• Lifting up to 50 pounds
• Sustaining jerking or pulling on the waist/hips while belaying
• Perform duties as a lifeguard (cert. training will be provided)
• Comfortable leading activities for large groups

Functions and Responsibilities

• Developing new and innovative activities including, but not limited to: watersports, high and low ropes, orienteering, geo caching, campfire building, outdoor living skills, sports (gaga, mini golf, Frisbee golf, basketball, battle ball), arts and crafts, fishing, archery and more.
• Responsible for the health, personal care needs safety and general welfare of all individuals who are assigned to their cabin. Assist individuals with physical disabilities or other limitations that need support with eating meals, walking, transferring, using the bathroom, etc.
• Meet the requirements of lifeguard and waterfront safety.
• Providing leadership and supervision to campers involved with the True Friends program, including orienting campers to proper, safe use and procedures in activities and ropes course use.
• Completing training requirements and demonstrating skills with cooperative group games, low and high challenge course elements, knot tying, safe use of equipment (element hardware, helmets, harnesses, belay pieces, belay ropes, ladders) and set-up and take-down procedures.
• Demonstrating knowledge of True Friends policies and procedures.
• Maintaining a quality working relationship with co-workers and user groups by working cooperatively, energetically, and enthusiastically.
• Assisting with set up and take down of equipment as needed and properly storing equipment after each use.
• Reporting, as soon as practical, any damage or deficiencies in program equipment, and accidents or hazards on the course to the Program Coordinators.
• Demonstrating a commitment to True Friends by conducting oneself in a professional manner.
• Perform tasks deemed necessary by the Manager of Program Development and employee to ensure the success and further development of the True Friends programs.
• Assuring that the physical course is free of litter and that the environmental impact is minimal.

We offer staff and logistics

• True Friends provides an experience based mentorship of each position required to successfully operate True Friends’ programs.
• Staff will start from the ground up learning the qualifying skills of a Activities Counselor; responsible for guiding a group safely through the intentional camp programs.
• Next staff will learn the requirements of the Program Coordinator: responsible overseeing program implementation and impact, creating weekly schedules, evaluating staff and program curriculum.
• Then staff shadow the Cabin Coordinator learning the daily/weekly responsibilities that go into oversee cabin experience and staff supervision.
• Finally Interns will be mentored by the Director/Program Manager to get an understanding of policies, procedures, ACA standards, program development, maintenance, sales and marketing.
• On Site Housing at assigned camp
• Meal Plan
• Paid Training in CPR, First Aid, Lifeguard, Archery and Ropes Challenge Course

Physical Demands

• As an employee, you may also need to perform duties that involve a variety of physical challenges. Appropriate training will be given to ensure that correct techniques and precautions are used in this area.
These may include
1. Extreme heat or cold
2. High decibel noises
3. Physically exerting activities (walking, lifting, crouching, sitting for lengthy periods)
4. Exposure to ionizing/non ionizing radiation (from radios, walkie talkies, microwaves etc)
5. Physical aggression from campers who may display challenging behaviors

Travel and working hours

• Primary working location: Camp Courage, Camp Friendship, Eden Wood, Courage North
• May require working unsociable hours as needed and directed by immediate supervisor

Work Environment

• You may also be exposed to some hazardous substances and harmful physical agents on a routine basis, meaning you may be exposed during the normal course of your work assignments. You will receive training on how to avoid illness or injury in this area.
These areas may include
1. Hazardous materials for cleaning (MSDS sheets available at each site)
2. Chemicals associated with protection of others (bug spray, sunscreen etc)
3. Environmental factors (Poison ivy, pollen, insect bites etc)
4. Gasoline or exhaust fumes from vehicles
5. Infectious agents such as blood or other bodily fluids

This job description is intended to describe the general nature of this job. It is not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all requirements for this position, nor does it constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee. It is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the job change.