Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we raised $11,105 for Camp Eden Wood! Combined with our $10,000 match, and the total for Give to the Max Day 2014 was over $20,000.

Every year thousands of organizations and individuals generate donations and excitement for Minnesota causes that are working to improve the quality of life for all Minnesotans. Last year, $14 million dollars was raised in 24 hours. This year, we are raising money for Camp Eden Wood to build a custom, accessible, multi-sensory playground. Click here for examples of playground elements.

The AdventureScapes® Playground Climbing Equipment combines the realism of our natural climbers with the exciting challenges that climbing cables provide. Now kids can build upper-body and core strength as they climb up, over and across these rugged climbers.

Stand Up Spinner
The Stand-Up Spinner helps kids learn about centrifugal force as they use their body weight to spin. Allows kids ages 5 to 12 spin the day away as their body weight shifts and they develop better depth perception and balance.

Roller Table
Not just fast and fun, the Sensory Play Roller Table™ provides kids much needed sensory stimulation, through the application of deep-muscle pressure, from the steel rollers. This is a good way to get you active rather then playing computer casino or free slot machine games on mobile phones.

​Kids of all abilities can experience the thrill of flying with ZipKrooz™! The molded bucket seat with lock-in-place harness provides stability and security for kids with limited core strength.

Not only will the playground offer fun for the campers, it will improve unstructured play time, foster social interaction, encourage physical activity and provide additional sensory input and subtle therapeutic benefits.



Elements of a multi-sensory playground could include:

  1. Net climber- climbing structure promoting social gross motor play;
  2. Multi-person spinner, which gives spinning sensory input and provides group interaction;
  3. Cozy dome offers climbing on the outside and an enclosed space underneath for escape if overstimulated or needing a small enclosure for comfort;
  4. Roller slide is extra wide and accessible, and enables extra tactile input;
  5. Zipline has an accessible seat enabling everyone, regardless of mobility, to experience the thrill of soaring through the sky;
  6. Treehouse climbing structure matching the playground’s location surrounded by trees;
  7. Mushroom steppers and log balance beam- free-standing climbing elements;
  8. Standing spinner providing vestibular input;
  9. Adventurescapes climber- nature-inspired balance climbers that simulate climbing on rocks;
  10. Engineered wood fiber surfacing to ensure accessibility and a soft base.
Go to True Friends’ page on to schedule your donation after Nov. 1 – or donate here on November 13!