Free to Be Me

Katie enjoys some quiet time fishing on the docks at Camp Courage during the Adult Retreat program.

“My Special Ed teacher found out about Camp Courage, and said that I would be a perfect fit for this place, and I absolutely love it,” Katie, a long-time camper in the Adult Retreat program at Camp Courage shared. “It’s like my home away from home. It’s like my little mini vacation.”

Katie has been attending Camp Courage since she was 13, and she looks forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new friends each summer when she returns. She loves tubing, swimming, arts and crafts, and sharing stories and laughs under the gazebo. Her favorite activity, however, would have to be the zipline.

“That’s my favorite – it makes you feel like you’re free because you’re flying!” Katie said.

Aside from her time at camp, Katie is always staying busy. Her love for adventure is evident in her involvement with the Special Olympics, where she has competed in bowling, track and field, horseback riding, gymnastics, bocce ball, and softball. She has even won two gold medals in swimming!

Katie is grateful for all of those summers at camKatie shows off an art project made at campp, which helped her to recognize all that she’s capable of.

“There’s no ‘I can’t’ – it’s always ‘Let’s go do it!’” she said with a smile.

For Katie, camp is a place to experience adventure and friendship, but also a place to feel relaxed and refreshed in the serenity the beautiful outdoor environment provides. She loves that she has the freedom to explore nature on her own terms.

“Camp Courage is very accessible – you can go on trails, or anywhere you want and still feel free,” she added.

Katie shared that overall, camp is a place where she can just have fun and enjoy life, in an environment where she can fully be herself.

“Basically, it doesn’t matter if you have a disability or not, it’s like – you can be yourself here. You can be who you want to be,” she said. “There’s no saying ‘I can’t do this’ – here, you can do anything you want.”

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