15Jon Salmon, Director of Programs

Jon’s favorite camp moments are seeing excited campers arrive at check-in and watching them do activities they have never done or thought possible. Jon enjoys watching campers and staff develop a special bond at camp. Jon has been involved with camp for over 20 years and is responsible for camp programming at all True Friends locations.

Contact Jon at: 952.222.1051 or jons@truefriends.org




48 Conor McGrath, Senior Director of Camp & Operations

Conor moved from Northern Ireland to Minnesota in 2010. Before the move, he studied social work with a focus on youth development followed by a MBA. Passionate about human services, the move to True Friends in 2013 was a natural fit. As a dedicated leader in person centered planning, staff development, and business acumen, today he leads the Camping, Facilities, and IT Departments for True Friends.

Contact Conor at: 952.852.0113 or conorm@truefriends.org



Zach PhotoNaomi Miessler, Program Manager

Naomi is an adventure-spirited, dark chocolate-loving, Minnesotan with a heart for community and a passion for camp. She loves to help campers have new experiences and help their camp dreams become a reality. Naomi is managing a variety of camp programs and is always excited to share this special place with campers, families, staff, and volunteers!

Contact Naomi at: 952.222.1054 or naomim@truefriends.org



Shari M Shari Mangas, Director of True Strides

Shari believes that interacting with horses will enhance the development of each individual’s confidence, self-esteem, communication and social skills not to mention “just having fun! The movement and gentle rhythmical rocking of the horse is calming and centering for many people with sensory processing or behavioral issues. She looks forward to spending time with the campers and introducing them to a unique experience that will be unforgettable.

Contact Shari at: 952.852.1026 or sharim@truefriends.org