15Jon Salmon, Associate Director of Camp

Jon’s favorite camp moments are seeing excited campers arrive at check-in and watching them do activities they have never done or thought possible. Jon enjoys watching campers and staff develop a special bond at camp. Jon has been involved with camp for over 15 years and is responsible for resident camp at Camp Friendship.

Contact Jon at: 952.852.0110 ext. 3 or jons@truefriends.org



48Conor McGrath, Director of Camp & Operations

Conor moved from Northern Ireland to Minnesota in 2010. Before the move, he studied social work with a focus on youth development followed by a MBA. Passionate about human services, the move to True Friends in 2013 was a natural fit. As a dedicated leader in person centered planning, staff development and business acumen, today he leads the Camping and Facilities Departments for True Friends.

Contact Conor at: 952.852.0113 or conorm@truefriends.org



Erin LErin LaVine, Manager of Camping

Camp brings out something in people that many other life experiences cannot; and Erin believes it’s a honor to be a part of it. Friendships are formed, new adventures are had, memories are made and personal accomplishments happen on a daily basis. Erin joined True Friends in 2009 and camp is part of her identity. She calls Eden Wood home, has a passion for play and recreation and is grateful to share it with campers, families and staff.

Contact Erin at: 952.852.0110 ext. 8 or erinl@truefriends.org


Zach PhotoZach Orner, Manager of Camping

Zach has a deep understanding of the empowering and transformational impacts that camp has in the lives of campers and staff alike. He has a B.A. in Human Services from Prescott College and is a graduate student at Hamline University. Zach has spent his career determined to improve the field of therapeutic and experiential outdoor-education. Having now found a home with True Friends, he is thrilled to be managing Camp Courage North.

Contact Zach at: 952.852.0101 ext. 321 or zacho@truefriends.org


Shari M Shari Mangas, Director of True Strides

Shari believes that interacting with horses will enhance the development of each individual’s confidence, self-esteem, communication and social skills not to mention “just having fun! The movement and gentle rhythmical rocking of the horse is calming and centering for many people with sensory processing or behavioral issues. She looks forward to spending time with the campers and introducing them to a unique experience that will be unforgettable.

Contact Shari at: 952.852.0101 ext. 306 or sharim@truefriends.org



Deb Allar, Manager of Health Care

Deb has been involved with camp since 2007. It warms her heart to see the campers be so independent at times and show off all of their talented skills. She believes True Friends is a life changing opportunity for every person involved. Deb spent her early years at True Friends in respite and has since transitioned into a full-time health care role.

Contact Deb at: 952.852.0105 or deboraha@truefriends.org


Jason CJason Colvin, Manager of Camping

For more than 10 years, Jason has incorporated experiential education programming that fosters independence, builds self-confidence and enhances personal growth. He gives campers the ability to comfortably stretch the barriers of their comfort zones. Jason is responsible for creating intentional programs that nurture connections and provide campers opportunities to discover their greatest potential. He also trains staff to the highest standards.

Contact Jason at: 952.852.0101 ext. 206 or jasonc@truefriends.org


Sierra Meyer, Volunteer Services and Seasonal Recruitment Coordinator

Originally from Minnesota, Sierra studied Non-Profit Recreation at Winona State University. She moved to Colorado for an internship at an adaptive recreation organization in 2014 and stayed for two years. While living there, she saw the positive impact surrounding participation in activities outdoors for people of all ages and abilities. Her favorite part of working with campers is seeing the smiles on their faces when they accomplish something they thought was never possible. Sierra is excited to work with the seasonal staff and volunteers to ensure participants have a positive experience at True Friends.

Contact Sierra at: 952.697.2286 or sierram@truefriends.org.



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