Registration for Summer Camp 2020 is now open! Click here to see the 2020 Camp Catalog.

In 2020, True Friends is taking another step forward to enhance our programs and services by requiring all participants to provide necessary documents at the time of registering; when you submit your application. Applications will not be reviewed or confirmed without all the necessary documentation; click here to view a list of required documents and continue reading below to learn more.

Camp at True Friends provides individuals the opportunity to explore their interests, build confidence, enhance self-esteem, and meet new friends, all while having a blast enjoying the Minnesota summer. We are honored  to serve you, your family and greater community with life-changing experiences. Thank you for choosing True Friends for your next adventure.

Signing up for camp is easier than ever with our online registration system. For returning campers, log-in to your account and apply online!

The 2020 Camp Catalog is listed below.

Interactive Camp Catalog
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New in the 2020 Camp Season

As we begin a new year in 2020, we embark on our 65th year of providing high quality experiences and programs that empower the families we serve and their loved ones. Thank you for trusting us for 65 years!

To ensure our programs meet your expectations and needs, we ask for your feedback each time we serve you. Based on your experiences and feedback, and program demand, we are off to a great start in many of our year-round programs including respite services, travel and health care; we look forward to making these changes to enhance your experiences too.

What does this mean for you and camping services?

• In 2020 Camp Eden Wood in Eden Prairie will provide an expanded Day Camp program. As one of our highest demand programs, we are excited to be making this change and open more opportunities for families and their loved ones to receive this experience. For campers who prefer the overnight camp, we have created additional capacity at Camp Friendship in Annandale.

• As we aspire to our value of safety and understanding of the complexities of the participants we serve, we have changed the way in which we register participants for 2020. An application will be considered complete and ready for True Friends staff review only when all documents and questionnaires have been received. Until all documents and questionnaires have been received the application will not be processed or reviewed.

• How we collect information regarding medications has been updated. Medication information will be collected both from a medication list provided by a health care professional, as well as a separate True Friends Medication Administration Record.

As always, we also require individuals to pre-set their medications in packs to bring to camp.

Other highlights and reminders regarding Summer Camp 2020 include:

• Deposits are required for private paying participants. Participants responsible for paying a deposit will not have their application processed until a full deposit is received.

• All documents and health care questionnaires are due at the time of registration. These include, but are not limited to: Annual Physical, Medication List from a health care professional, True Friends Medication Administration Record, CSSP/CSP, and specific diagnosis/disability/condition questionnaires regarding diabetes, seizures, catheter/colostomy, feeding tube, orthopedic needs, or trach/suctioning.

• Financial Assistance is a benefit in choosing the True Friends family of services. True Friends offers a limited financial assistance program to help those in financial need attend a camping session. Our finance team is available to discuss payment plans, financial assistance, and other funding avenues available to you to pay for camp.

•  Due to federal regulations neither, medical cannabis or synthetic THC is allowed on True Friends property. If you have specific questions call 952.852.0117.

•  In order to provide a safe and successful experience for our participants, their caregivers, and staff, True Friends limits the time participants can spend in a residential summer camp session. In 2020, participants will not be registered for consecutive weeks of residential summer camp sessions; and total sessions registered will not exceed four weeks. Individuals attending Day Camp are excluded.

Overnight & Day Camps

Our program provides opportunities to develop an appreciation of nature, live cooperatively with others, share in the responsibilities of group living, develop new leisure interests, experience traditional camp activities and have fun!

Classic sessions provide a traditional camp experience for children and teenagers, while the retreat-like settings offer a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere for campers. Campers determine their own activity interests and level of participation. Siblings and friends are also welcome!

Camp Activities

See a full list of activities offered at each site here.

ACA Accredited

True Friends resident camp programs at all locations are accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). These programs comply with nationally recognized standards for content, personnel, administration, health care, site and facilities. ACA representatives visit facilities every three years to assure compliance with these standards.

Staff Hiring and Training

True Friends is committed to providing all our program participants and staff with a safe and high-quality experience.

Our process to hire staff begins with partnering with reputable local, national, and international organizations to find individuals best suited for the settings in which we provide services. Once the individual has applied, an average application process includes pre-screens, interviews, reference checks and background checks. Then, once the individual is hired, she/he must complete several hours of online and in-person training.

To learn more about the specific hiring and training requirements of each program or service please call 952.852.0101.


Cancellation Policy: All advanced fees paid will be refunded in full if notice is received in the True Friends office 30 days prior to the applicant’s session. If less than 30 days notice is received, all but the registration deposit will be refunded. Waivered, county or adoption assistance funds will NOT pay cancellation fees, therefore, participants/guardians will be billed accordingly.

Property Damage Policy: True Friends may seek compensation from participants and/or guardians for the replacement or repair of property damaged while attending camp.

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