True Friends Board of Directors

True Friends is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization governed by two boards: Operations and Foundation. These two boards meet periodically to provide oversight and guidance to the organization’s activities.

From former camp staff to local health care professionals, to entrepreneurs and financial experts, True Friends is supported by a group of individuals offering unwavering dedication and commitment to our mission.

Operations Board of Directors

Gaylen Ghylin, Board Treasurer, Executive Vice President, Tiller Corporation

Jon Gordon, Accounting Professional, JR Gordon LTD

Marilyn Hallstrom, Board Chair, President, Hallstrom Consulting

Nancy Koehler Nurse, Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools

Shelly Nelson Senior Vice President of Marketing, Cambria

Mary O’Meara Director of Quality and Regulatory, Grain Millers

Peter Rundquist DPT Program Director, Concordia College

Bob Polland Retired Camp Director

John Woodward Vice President of Innovation, Constellation Solutions

Mary Ellen Wells, Board Vice Chair, Administrator, CentraCare Health – Monticello

John Leblanc President and CEO, True Friends

Kathy Miron

Deb Salhus

Jeff Schrock

Ashley Jones Turner

Peter Ramme

Courtney Miller

Rob Otos

Mark Zastro

Foundation Board of Directors

Lon Bencini, Board Secretary, Marketing Director, Getac Video Solutions

Jody Estensen Director of Brand Communications and Marketing, Regis Corporation

Gaylen Ghylin, Board Treasurer, Executive Vice President, Tiller Corporation

Chris Judson Off Road and International Markets, Polaris

Mary Kemp Murray, Board Vice Chair, President, Ideas That Kick

Steve Lacke, Board Chair, Chair COO, Constellation Mutual

Josh Storms Financial Advisor, The Columns Resource Group of Northwestern Mutual

Jennifer Thalhuber CEO, Ablenet, Inc.

Marilyn Hallstrom President, Hallstrom Consulting

John Leblanc President and CEO, True Friends

Joe Hanson

Lori Trygg

Brent Miller