Camp VIP (Victory in Progress) is a special session held at Camp Courage for children with cancer or blood disorders and their siblings. Kids at these sessions get a much needed break from hospitals and treatments and spend a week just being kids.

ONE: By watching this group run and play and make new friends, you see that they are all still just kids. Their youthful innocence and enthusiasm is ever-present at camp.

TWO: They are living through serious diagnoses, trusting their doctors and nurses to help them and coming to camp without their parents.

THREE: These kids have been stretched emotionally and physically with their own diagnosis, or dealing with a sibling’s illness. From outward appearances, you would hardly know this was a camp for children with challenges. They are amazingly positive and bounce back quickly from setbacks.

Medical Knowledge
FOUR: These kids know a lot more about medical procedures than a majority of the population. While some of us are confused during a routine doctor’s check-up, these kids know about medications, side effects and what they can do to help themselves or their siblings.

FIVE: Camp allows them to interact with their support system outside of the hospital. I heard constant stories of how they have met people at camp before in the hospital. Camp allowed them to just have fun, like kids are supposed to.

SIX: While sitting in on an educational session, I was able to learn about their hopes and dreams. They hope for everything from being with their family to finding a cure. They want to be doctors, presidents of a hospital or police officers. They dream of making a difference in their community.

By: Kaci Mobley