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The purpose of this guide is to provide system-wide guidelines for the visual identity of True Friends. These standards establish a consistent underlying structure that provides a sense of visual unity, with enough flexibility to accommodate a variety of solutions. The key components of True Friends’ visual identity include its graphic elements (puzzle pieces), logo type, tagline, and color. By consistently applying our visual identity throughout all aspects of communication, we can maintain the strength of the True Friends image.
Following these standards helps True Friends present a unified, professional image to participants, their families, donors, the camp community and the public.

Use of True Friends name

    • The organization name is True Friends.
    • When referring to a single site, use the company name hyphened with location name
      1. True Friends-Camp Courage
      2. True Friends-Camp Friendship
      3. True Friends-Camp Eden Wood
      4. True Friends-Camp Courage North
      5. True Friends-Camp New Hope
    • OR, the location name can be listed alone with further definition in the same document, such as “Camp Friendship is part of the True Friends, a nonprofit organization providing programs and services to children and adults with disabilities.

The Logo


The Tagline

‘Camps. Respite. Programs. Travel.’ is the True Friends tagline. The wording must never be altered or substituted with another phrase.


The True Friend’s logo must be used in True Friend’s prescribed colors, or in black, or as a white reversal in any color. Any version of the logo that does not match any of these is inconsistent with True Friend’s identity and is not acceptable.
The preferred version of the logo is the three-color version. The colors used are specific shades of red, green, and blue (see below for formulae).
The signature may appear in materials that are printed using colors other than the True Friend’s preferred signature colors. In those cases, an all-black signature should be used and can be printed on any color background that provides sufficient contrast. Reversing the signature to white from a colored background is also acceptable. The entire signature can be reversed from any of the three signature colors or any other color, providing there is sufficient contrast between the white signature and the background color.

Required white space

The True Friends’ signature must always be surrounded by a generous amount of space without intrusion of other graphic elements, type, or edges. The minimum amount of white space is the full height of the letter “S” in “TRUE FRIENDS.”

Reproduction size of the signature

The True Friends’ signature should be reproduced at least 7/8 inch tall, from the bottom of the logotype to the top of the middle puzzle piece. To ensure legibility, this is the minimum size for reproduction. There are no maximum size restrictions as long as white space requirements are met.


You may not use any True Friend’s logo other than the two versions of the True Friend’s logo provided herein without the express permission of True Friends.
You may not use the True Friends logo, images, graphics or the name “True Friends” in any manner that may possibly disparage, bring into disrepute, or derogate True Friends or its members in connection with any products or services that, in True Friends’ sole and absolute discretion, may possibly diminish or damage the goodwill of the True Friends name.

Color formulae

Color Formulae


For maximum consistency with the True Friend’s identity:
• Use Muro as a title and headline typeface for brochures and other highly visible materials.
• Use the Futura Medium type family for subheadings in brochures and other highly visible materials.
• Use the Arial or Helvetica type family for body copy in brochures and other highly visible materials.

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