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Welcome to True Friends!

Camp Courage, Camp Friendship, Camp Eden Wood, Camp Courage North and Camp New Hope are five camps nestled among the forests and lakes of Minnesota serving children and adults with disabilities. Together, we create a world where experiences and adventures are open to individuals of all abilities. There’s camp and so much more! Discover traditional sessions and the new programs offered throughout the year.

Our Story – What’s with the name?

So, why the name True Friends? It really embodies everything we do. We provide an environment where friendships are built and renewed. The name also reflects two great organizations coming together to serve even more people with disabilities. We can do so much more together than we could do alone. …Read more

Camp Photos

Photo of the Week: Enjoying a fire at Camp Courage!

What’s Happening?

Devin S., Homecoming King!

  • 2:17 pm

Congratulations to Devin and Yazmin of Annandale High School for being crowned Homecoming King and Queen! We have a [...]

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